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5 Awesome Reasons for Letting Older Kids Play with Kidkraft Kitchen Sets

by Gloria

Kidkraft Kitchens are commonly associated with children age four to seven, and most parents tend to think that eight or nine-year-olds are simply too old to play with these toys. However, contrary to popular belief, kids’ kitchens can be enjoyed by older kids too! In this article, let me give you five great reasons why you should get a childrens kitchen for your not-so-little little ones!

1. More advanced culinary training

Kidkraft Kitchen sets are designed with the future in mind. Basic cooking devices like storage spaces and play stoves are situated low, while “more complex” features like the pretend microwave oven are placed on the higher levels. This way, kids discover new things as they get older [and thus, taller].

Moreover, when a child reaches the age of eight or nine, you can even let him or her learn real cooking. You can let him practice for a few days using the childrens kitchen, and then set a special “cooking day” in the weekend. This way, you can more seamlessly let your child transition from theory to practice. After all, knowing how to cook is an invaluable life skill.

2. Learn Time Management and Orderliness.

Most toddlers play with Kidkraft Kitchen sets because of the colors or simply for the sake of having fun. In that early phase, playtime is sheer anarchy. However, as they grow older, they tend to be more conscious about the way they do things. They will eventually learn that to do something more efficiently means having to follow a set of rules.

In particular, your kids, when allowed to play with a children’s kitchen, will have a chance to learn effective time management. Planning the series of steps to take when preparing the pretend-food looks simple, but it is a excellent step towards letting your child learn how to use their time well.

3. Greater Appreciation for their Parents

When kids get older, they tend to be more mindful of the difficulty of the task at hand. In the case of cooking, they will eventually realize that in terms of hard work involved, play-cooking is a far cry from the real thing. As they see you do the household chores on a daily basis, they will begin to understand and appreciate what you, as a parent, do for them.

4. More reasons to stay at home

Children tend to become more restless as they grow older. They start feeling discontented with being at home most of the time. They start to wonder about the outside world, but unfortunately, they still aren’t ready and able to take care of themselves.

A KidKraft Kitchen can entertain for hours, keeping them preoccupied while you’re busy doing other important tasks. This way, baby-sitting can be easier and less stressful for you. Moreover, you can rest assured that they’re doing something productive, as opposed to playing with console games that do nothing but promote obesity and idleness.

5. Perfect Opportunity to Bond with Younger Siblings

Toddlers already love playing with the Kidkraft Kitchen. Add your older kids in the fray and this becomes a perfect occasion for your children to play with each other. Time spent together will strengthen the bond among your kids. This strong bond is invaluable when they turn into adults.

As a parent, you want to be there for your kids every second of every day. However, let us face the fact that you cannot be there always and forever. But then, with a stronger emotional bond, your kids will learn the importance of looking after each other all the time.

How important is a strong emotional bond between siblings? Please write your comments below.

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Tammy @ LoveMy2Dogs October 19, 2011 at 10:09 am

I think it is a great idea for kids of all ages to do this and the older kids can certainly teach the younger ones a lot of things about the kitchen, while learning themselves.


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